Saturday, February 4, 2017

Heaven On Their Minds (cover)

It's been four years since I've written anything on here! Obviously this blog is more for myself, but hot damn that's a bit disappointing! I would say that in the last 4 years I have written 3 or 4 full songs - that's why the radio silence.

Never fear! Jesus Christ Superstar is here!

My family and friends have been forced to be aware of my passion (obsession) with the rock-opera Jesus Christ Superstar. Some of them have been forced and brainwashed to watch it with me. This love is hereditary as my dad was possibly more obsessed with the score back in the U.S.S.R. and learned to slay it on the keys from listening to the vinyl on repeat. All the teenage girls loved him! For his 60th birthday I recruited a great keyboard player (David Farrell Melton) to help me record "Heaven On Their Minds"! This is my favorite song on the record, but also one of my top 5 favorite songs of all time. Additionally, my dad and I have had many any evening when he played the keys and I sang the song in our house, so it is a bit sentimental as well.

So I wanted to share it with you because I am super proud of it! And because I want to spread the Jesus Christ Superstar fever!

And a video of the recording, if you are so inclined to watch:

Saturday, November 2, 2013


It was 10th grade. I wrote this song. My music teacher said I needed to add harmonies and all sorts of crazy things into it, I didn't. I didn't get to perform. But I did get to record my first rock song. Hilarious. Killer guitar solo, bro (aka Dad's keyboard).

No(n) Sense ft. SAS Productions

I was exploring the random tracks my brother was creating in Garageband in 2009 and added TERRIBLE vocals to one because there were all of these songs out on the radio were the singers were off key. I've come to love this song, too funny. Enjoy!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Breaking up is hard to do, until it's not....

(Whoa, it's been awhile.)

A long, long time ago - many moons ago, many haircuts ago (and many wigs later!) I had a mutually agreed upon break up that I took hard. First time for everything, right? Waaah, how sad...

Well I wrote two songs then and it's amazing how different they are. I also recorded them then making them about 3.5 years old. But I wanted to share them with you now. And you know my style - I record it once and I'm done, so hurrrr they iz, ya'll.

Day 26 is hmmmmmmm 26 days in...

Aw, sad Dasha is so.....sad. I have full respect for all of my emotions so there ain't no shame here.

And then some months later, well, clearly I was in a different place.

Ok, bye!

ps - I wrote a song a few weeks ago for the first time in years...PROGRESS!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Baby Came Around to Me...Draft

Mike and I call this BCAM. Here's the draft recorded earlier this year. I wrote this in 2006.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


If you were ever on my myspace, you heard this song. I wrote it in February 2008 about a dude I had yet to travel anywhere fact, we had just broken up! Woo! See, why can't I write music that's inspired by almost nothing anymore? Oh, right, because I'm graduate school and have no time to think about anything but reading, jail, and families, youth, & children.

Grad school is kickin' my butt pretty hard this year so I do not expect to be updating this here blog that often. Also, I'm interning at a juvenile detention center and love every moment of it.


Travelin'...sounding much prettier with the help of my buddy Mike. Thanks Mike!

Me playing guitar to my students in Thailand - December 2010. About as traveled as my music has been!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Draft - Ti Sovsem S Uma Soshyol

I am Russian, yes.

Ti Sovsem S Uma Soshyol (Ты совсем с ума сошёл) means "You've completely lost your mind!" 

It's 3:45am. I am so elated right now. I finished a song. Finally. FINALLY! It's been a long time. A very, very long time. Shout out to Masha for loving this song so much and forcing me to finish it. I'm still debating one line but that's better than spending 2.5 years debating 2 verses and choruses!

I started this in January 2010, I think. I finished today/tonight/just now - September 2012! I wanted to express myself in a language that a certain someone would not understand...but the song took a life of it's own and became a silly piece of music. It's in Russian so if you don't know Russian, you won't be able to appreciate just how absurd the lyrics are (One of the lines "Скажи, Бог, как мне дальше жить?" meaning" Tell me God, what to do!??!"). Google Translate makes it that much more ridiculous but you can try:

Verse 1:
Как-же так, как-же так
Потеряла тебя она
И незнает теперь как одна
Будет спать и жить без тебя?
Как-же ты, как-же ты
Появляешься в её сны?
Улетаешь на другие планеты
А покупаешь ей вкусные конфеты????

Chorus 1:
Ты совсем с ума сошёл!
Ты совсем с ума сошёл!
Ты не хочешь чтоб она жила отлично без тебя! (<----This is the line I'm debating. Got any ideas, Russkiys?)

 Verse 2:
Слушай Коля,
Ты что не понемаеш?
Как ты целуешь и обнимаешь
Откровенно мне скажи
Как ты дальше будешь жить -?
Без её улыбке?
Без её АХА?
И её огромные глаза? -
Смотрят грустно на тебя.
Просят: Почему-же не я??

Chorus 2:
Она совсем с ума сошла!
Она совсем с ума сошла!
И не хочет она жить отлично без тебя!

Verse 3:
Мне мама говорила
И папа мне сказал-
Этот Коля совсем пацан.
Лучше избавится от него
Он такой - ёо маё!
Но он-же мой любимый
Но он мне не звонит.
Скажи, Бог, как мне дальше жить?
Раньше я была такая умная, трезвая, нормальная

 Chorus 3:
Я совсем с ума сошла!
Я совсем с ума сошла!
Я совсем с ума сошла!/ Раньше я была такая умная, трезвая, нормальная.
Я совсем с ума сошла!/ Раньше я была такая умная, трезвая, нормальная.
Я совсем с ума сошла!/ Раньше я была такая умная, трезвая, нормальная.
Я совсем с ума сошла!/ Раньше я была такая умная, трезвая, нормальная.

My email to my buddy Mike, the one person I email/text/anything the second I have any ounce of creativity (probably why I created the blog, to remove the burden off him). Yes I wrote OMG. It's 4 o'clock in the morning, geez.:

"OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FINISHED A SONG!!!!!!!! It's 3:25am and I"m about to pass the F out but damn yo! I feel accomplished! And it's my Russian song (the first one). This is a song I definitely want to record at your house if for no reason other than that I want to add some harmonies to it. Oh man, I knew it. I woke up today and had a good feeling that I was going to create something!

Hellz yeah!

Ok. Attached is my sound recorder recording and the lyrics with chords. (Can you read Russian?) I love the last line of the 3rd verse...sigh. So ecstatic!" 

Here is the roughest draft of it ever


From Russia, with my awesome nesting doll pillow.