Thursday, October 18, 2012


If you were ever on my myspace, you heard this song. I wrote it in February 2008 about a dude I had yet to travel anywhere fact, we had just broken up! Woo! See, why can't I write music that's inspired by almost nothing anymore? Oh, right, because I'm graduate school and have no time to think about anything but reading, jail, and families, youth, & children.

Grad school is kickin' my butt pretty hard this year so I do not expect to be updating this here blog that often. Also, I'm interning at a juvenile detention center and love every moment of it.


Travelin'...sounding much prettier with the help of my buddy Mike. Thanks Mike!

Me playing guitar to my students in Thailand - December 2010. About as traveled as my music has been!

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  1. OMG this sounds so frikin good! I like your voice :) How am I only hearing of this now??

    I hope you make some more recordings or at least just keep playing.